HOGO at 119

119 Gallery, Lowell MA

When musicians look to the East coast, they think to themselves, “should be easy to get a gig in Boston.” Not really so. Some of the best stuff happens Northward, and often it’s along the non-rock-venue trial that connects Beantown to Canada. 119 Gallery and The House of Goings-On are two of those rest stops, and tonight we celebrate that kinship with a HOGO show hosted by the 119rs.

Marc Bisson – guitar
Michael F Dailey Jr – drums
Bill Bacon – drums
Greg Kowalski – live video
1/2 bIrDoRgAn:

dei xhrist – voice processing
Mike Funaiole – analog synth
Setheyny Pen, Walter Wright – electronics
Wisteriax X Gravy – cello
Rick Breault – laptop and ebow guitar
Elaine Wood – video