Nihilist Night

Nihilist from The Big Lebowski

Floft, 381 Congress, Boston MA

Event PR/A. Eisenberg:

Egg Eggs
western mass mastery, including feeding tube ted and andy barn owl… a purported sunburned related project,  perhaps a spaghetti western?

PreHistoric Horse
all the way from the distant shores of Brooklyn, last time I saw them in trio there was nude drumming!

Duck That (*not an official duck that link, but you get the idear)
good old-fashioned grab your buck shot rifle and scare up the mallard fun!

Bird Organ
so off kilter, they’re actually kilter, the epitome of nihilism in all senses… joined by Jules Vasylenko and Steve Norton

DJ Jesse Kaminsky
jam master jk from the intercontinental and other extra-worldy exploits…

Zebu put the video up on their channel.