Best-Fest @ 119

Best Fest at 119 Gallery 2011

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA

Event PR/W. Wright:

While the squares are at the Lowell Folk Festival, you’ll be here.

Friday July 29, 2011

9:00pm Cohen Demos Frennette: Lou Cohen – laptop [Cambridge]; Kit Demos – analog synth [Portland ME]; Kevin Frenette – guitar [Boston]

9:45pm Mystic OutBop Review: [Portland ME] Alonzo Holiday – alto sax; Kit Demos – double bass; Chico Valentine – drums

10:15pm unnamed band: [Lowell] Stephanie Lak – voice, bulbul tarang, other things; Michael F Dailey Jr – voice, single-string bass, percussion; Walter Wright – drums, percussion

11:00pm AELLA: Patrick Breiner – tenor sax [Madison WI]; Max Goldman – drums [NYC]; Mette Henriette Rolvag – tenor sax [Oslo, Norway]

Saturday July 30, 2011; a few cancellations, but here is the initial bill:

2pm, BEST of local and visiting bands! ALL DAY ALLEY PARTY! Food! BBQ! Friends! Bands! Art! Performers!

4:00pm Jasper Som – guitar, vocals [Lowell] 4:30pm Abram Taber – multi-instrumentalist [Medford MA]

5:00pm Loup-Garou: [Lowell] Satan – electronics; AlterWalter – drums, percussion with Joe Burgio – movement; Steve Norton – reeds, nanoKorg, Honeytone

5:30pm Cactus Arms [CT]

6:00pm Hurricanes Of Love [Jamaica Plain]

6:30 Pancho The Kid [Jamaica Plain]

7:00pm Robotmonkeyarm [Andover] Buckywaters – voice, electronics; Ryan Baker – baritone guitar; Rudy Sims – bass; Attic Bat – cocktail drums

7:30pm Ghost In Salad [Boston]

8:00pm Agism [Boston]

8:30pm UNUNI: [Leominster] Paul Conant – guitar, drums, vocals; Eric Brown – drums, guitar, vocals

9:00pm Nenekata: [Lowell] Ben Frassa – guitars and fun; Olivia Close – drums and fun; Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar, more fun

9:45pm Gay Shapes: [Worcester MA] Joe Bastardo – synth, electronics; Mickey O’Hara – tenor sax, drums, electronics; Abdul Sherzai – bass, electronics

10:30pm bIrDoRgAn: [Manchester NH] Marc Bisson – guitar, objects; dei Xhrist – voice, electronics; Mike Fun – analog synth; Michael F Dailey Jr – voice, guitar, drum and general mayhem; Bill Bacon – drums;  Steve Norton – pipes

Walter Wright – live video throughout the afternoon and evening as occasional MCs

Plus… A Case Of The Sillies: [Lowell] Ben Frassa – 8 keyboards and Stephanie Lak – 7 keyboards

Best-Fest at 119 Gallery 2011
dei xhrist, Mike Fun, Bill Bacon, Mike Dailey, Marc Bisson, a busker we dragged in off the street, Steve Norton (photo: RAT Albert)

RAT (Random Access Theatre) Albert’s little phone caught just about the whole birdorgan set. Mike D had 3 earlier gigs that day but still provides some amazing drumming, Marc marcs it up, I got a few moments in the melee, and there are some great reaction shots from Mike F and Bill B.

Best Fest at 119 Gallery 2011
dei xhrist and Mike Fun (photo: RAT Albert)