Return of the XFest Trio

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA

At the opposite end of the year, the 119 hosts an event that is the opposite of the official Lowell Folk Festival. Performers in the New England region converge and mix it up with each other and a spattering of guests from New York, Georgia, and around… it’s an opportunity to play with people you know only by name or reputation. Experimental and improvisational sound is very much an exercise in listening; knowing when to step forward, when to step back, when to…

This evening’s audio adventure invites back one of the magical combinations from the 2011 XFest.

XFest Trio: [Brooklyn NY, Boston] Valerie Kuehne – voice, cello; David Miller – drums; Jules Vasylenko – reeds
Yolt: [Brooklyn NY] Nathaniel Morgan – alto sax; Weston Minissali- synth; Dave Grollman – snare
Los Condenados: [Boston/ Salem/Lowell] Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle, saxobone; Walter Wright – electronics
BiRdOrGaN: [Manchester NH/Lowell] Marc Bisson – guitar; dei xhrist – voice; Mike Funiole – analog synth; Michael F Dailey Jr – voice, drums; Bill Bacon – drums; Greg Kowalski – live video
unnamed band: [Lowell] Stephanie Lak – objects and fun; Michael F Dailey Jr – more fun; Walter Wright – drums, percussion