Frantasia Festival of Out Music and Arts 2011

Birdorgan at FrantasiaWe had candy, there were bugs, there was a tinfoil hat, there was Jim on sax.  Plus, bunq made a Calder mobile and Walter Wright added percussion. And I was dressed as a 70s era X-Man.

University of Maine, Farmington, Farmington, ME
Thursday, 8/18/2011

Official press release:

Frantasia Festival begins with “Untame Audiovision,” an exciting summer video-audio installation at the UMF Art Gallery. This exhibit presents collaborative work produced by Katherine Liberovskaya and Al Margolis at the Experimental Television Center in Oswego, New York. The show includes “Frogfields,” a 15-minute experimental video controlled by audio via synthesizer based on footage of frogs at the Brooklyn Zoo, and “Rantdance,” a single channel video-audio piece
based on the movements of a pair of cormorants filmed in Ghent, Belgium.

Treat Memorial Library, Livermore Falls, ME
Friday, 8/19/2011

If, Bwana
Jenni Barron
Abram Taber
Crank Sturgeon
Carly Ptak
Martin Chartrand
Teresa Fellion/Bodies Stories & Guests
Emilie Mouchous
id m theftable

Saturday, 8/19/2011

Marc Bisson
Skinny Vinny
Lucio Menegon
Andrea Pensado
Adriana de los Santos
Junko Simmons
Teresa Fellion, Killick, Noel Walsh, Chris Cathode
Crank Sturgeon
Joshua DeScherer
Emilie Mouchous
id m theftable
Wright Dulberger Welcome Trio
Offset Needle Radius
Mike Blythe

Performers, 8/20:

Crank Sturgeon
Flandrew Fleisbenberg
Stanley Schumacher
Nicole LePera
Core duo
Katherine Liberovskaya, Leslie Ross, Al Margolis
Locke & Keys
Louis Gesner
Chris Cathode
Josh DeScherer
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Marc Bisson and dei xhrist doing bird things
Photos by Jeff Brussel

everyone being sonicly silly