Young Angel Midnight

Appleton Mills, 219 Jackson Street, Lowell MA

Birdorgan started in Manchester NH, but our strongest support is at the 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA. It was also where we met Mike Dailey Jr., our stupendous drummer, who helped the birdorgan “sound” become the protomelodic cacophony that is known and loved by dozens today. Mike D also brought us outside of the art space scene and on to the dark stages of rock clubs that have started opening their PA boards to the new music that is always fomenting beyond the audiences of cover bands. Thus, ears that would never consent to sitting down and watching a music performance have become acquainted with 40 years of historical audio experimentation condensed in to 20 minute, mind-blowing trips.

This exposure to the young pups that will be the scene geriatrics of the future has brought us to Bootstrap Productions, a small publisher releasing Young Angel Midnight: An Anthology of Emerging Artists, and commissioned by COOL, the Cultural Organization of Lowell. And stuck somewhere in the back will be the photo I put together, mocking the Meet the Beatles album. I wish I was able to make the launch party, so I could sneak in and crack all the bindings so that the books gracefully fall open to the birdorgan page.

Launch party link:

Mix tape available through Bandcamp.