Whitehaus Family Record, Boston MA
Sunday, 11/20/2011

GRAU GARTEN – crazy stunts w/ interactive video, bikes, honks and squeals. Josh is moving to the west coast so catch this quartet while you can!

Marc Bisson – guitar, etc.
Josh Baker – bicycle wheels, electronics
Steve Norton – reeds, celesta, percussion, electronics
Greg Kowalksi – live visuals
Dei Xhrist – vocals via Android and iPhone


PTERODACTYL PUPPY – Taylor over at Gay Gardweez’s “Jazz” Trio.

FUNNY MONEY – local shrimpadelles bustin thru the door!

GANGSTA LOVE – frank hurricane is illin’ w/cheeze! R&B !

I was working on a web site re-design and was unable to spare the evening. Instead, Steve called me at 10pm, hooked up his iPhone to a mixer, and ran me through someone’s amp. Taking my cues from the fluty noises my own phone was able to pick up, I sat at home ululating along. Audience reaction was excellent.