Debasement Show

The House of Goings-On, Manchester NH
Saturday, 12/3/2011

Bonnie Kane bring back her brass, this time with Chris Welcome as a playmate. Also Dave Seidel with the amazing table of things that go WWNNNNNNNNNNNNGk, Dave Bacon with things that fall down, and of course Marc Bisson and dei xhrist doing what we do.

The week before Thanksgiving, the HOGO had an unpleasant bout with a broken sewer main. The break was outside, but the stone foundation proved less than watertight… fortunately nothing of emotional, artistic, or financial value was lost to the puddle of sludge, and the cost of repairs did not destroy us. The area has been wet vacced, hosed, bleached, kitty littered, vacuumed, bleached again, limed, vacuumed, vinegared, bleached a third (possibly fourth) time, hosed, wet vacced, kitty littered again, dehumidified, and febreezed in not necessarily that order. Should be fine.