Flopera House, 381 Congress St., Boston MA
Doors at 8
Friday, 12/9/2011

FLESTIVUS – 3 sessions in 2 days (50+ performers!)
1) friday 12/9 8pm… flopening night
2) saturday 12/10 2pm – 6pm… a mid-afternoon drone
3) saturday 12/10 8pm… the flinale

friday 12/9 8pm… flopening night
• Andrew Neumann – high-speed coed electronics
• Chris Welcome/ Shayna Dulberger – guitar/ bass from brooklyn
Crank Sturgeon & deiX – in duo or perhaps a one-act play
• Gang Clan Mafia: Dirk Adams, Vela Phelan – performance and sounds from another dimension
Jesse Kaminsky – sax
• Joe Burgio/ Walter Wright/ Lou Cohen/ Matt Samolis/ Junko Simmons – movement, electronics, flute, cello
Josh Jefferson – alto sax/ bass clarinet
• Keiichi Hashimoto – trumpet
• Mike Bullock – audio/video solo set, multi-media-man style
• Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin
• Ourboros: Bill Bacon, Greg Kowalski, Marc Bisson, Dave Seidel – guitar, toys, electronics, balancing things and video



covered in christmas lights

I now understand why more people don’t wear christmas lights any chance they get. At first I just thought I was getting burned by the lights (they put out enough heat), and then I noticed that a couple bulbs broke and the exposed wires were hitting my skin. It took the rest of the set to extricate myself. Plus I blew up a soundmaker by shorting it with a contact  mic. In addition to the burlesque, Crank and I snorted pepper in order to induce a sneezing fit.

Other Flopera Festivus performers:

saturday 12/10 2pm – 6pm… a mid-afternoon drone
the flopera house is opening in the afternoon to host a very special long format listening session… bring a blanket & pillow and stretch out with 3 performances… we’ll be serving tea and maybe some fruit…

• Benjamin Nelson
• Jed Speare
Bowed Metal & Friends

Bowed Metal Players: Matt Samolis, Peter Warren, Thadd Comstock, Heather Townsend. Bowed Metal Instrumental friends: DMC, Charles Turner, Steve Norton, Randy Pingrey

saturday 12/10 8pm… flinale
Andrea Pensado – electronics and voice
• Davinder Singh – bari sax
• Donna Parker – power
• Eric Dahlman – trumpet and toys
• Fallopian Pessimists – several parts of a Peyote Feminist
Funny Money – my new favorite band
Lucio Menegon/ Dave Grollman – 2/3 prehistoric horse from NYC
Matt Murphy – prepared trumpet
• Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin
Rotten Apples – all the way from franklin st
Skinny Vinny – short-attention span sax and percussion

DJ Jesse Kaminsky (WMBR Intecontinentalist)