Doll Fight

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA
Doors at 8
Saturday, 12/10/2011

Doll Fight: Christine – guitar, vocals Jane – batterie, Kelly – bass, vocals
a quartet: Stephanie Lak – voice, Kit Demos – double bass, electronics, Peter Negroponte – drums, Walter Wright – electronics
a duo or (perhaps) a one-act play: dei xhrist – voice, Crank Sturgeon – electro-acrostic mayhem
a solo: [ME] Offset Needle Radius – bicycle wheel

Until photos of the performance get uploaded, here’s the teaser, shot by Neon Kaos:

dei xhrist doing last minute costume prep

Even though she’s a referee for roller derby, Neon doesn’t see this sort of set up often.

I dressed up in a couple boxes and was “unwrapped” by Crank, holding a contact mic to his knife. The knife was also used to chop onions, making Crank tear up and me sneeze as I ate them raw. The onions were crammed in envelopes and stuck on the tape stretched across the columns, after a dramatized and amplified stretching maneuver timed at 5 minutes.