XFest 2012

Greg Kowalski video projection

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA

Family reunion time once again.

10 x :30 Visiting artists/performers are grouped with local artists/performers. The process is somewhat random. The general rule is that you play with people you have never played with before. A number of sets include movement and all the sets have live video.

8:00pm Sean Ali – double bass, Brad Henkel – trumpet, Noell Dorsey – voice, keyboard, Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar
8:30pm Dustin Carlson – guitar, Bonnie Kane – reeds, Bill Bacon – drums, Kate Lee – bass
9:00pm Shayna Dulberger – double bass, Valerie Keuhne – cello, Rick Breault – laptop, Curt Newton – drums
9:30pm Ellwood Epps – trumpet, Al Margolis – laptop, Todd Brunel – bass clarinet, Andrea Pensado – laptop
10:00pm Dave Grollman – snare drum, Jeff Young – violin, Michael F Dailey Jr – voice, guitar, drums, Ryan Scott – keyboard
10:30pm Tom Hamilton – electronics, Andy Allen – reeds, Flandrew Fleisenberg – drums, percussion, Junko Simons – cello
11:00pm Emilie Mouchous – electronics, Peter Negroponte – percussion, Arkm Foam – cassettes, Abram Taber – bass, electronics
11:30pm Chris Welcome – guitar, Mike Funaiole – analog synth, Frank Turek – reeds, Jules Vasylenko – reeds
12:00am Dave Miller – drums, Ras Moshe – reeds, dei xhrist – voice, electronics (I finally get to play with Ras!)
12:30am [open slot]
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Aisha Cruse, and Betty Wang – movement
Katherine Liberovskaya, David Linton and Dr T – live video

The second and the busiest day of the festival starts with brunch. In the afternoon Jazz & Poetry, a collaboration between musicians and poets with artists drawing and painting live to the words and music. Throughout the festival, the gallery presents a special exhibit featuring collages by Joshua Jefferson. Again, the evening features 10 1/2hr sets. In each, visiting artist/performers are grouped with local artist/performers. A number of sets include movement and all the sets will have live video.

12:00noon Brunch 2:00pm Rick Breault – laptop, Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar, Walter Wright – drums with Derek Fenner and Ryan Gallagher – reading
2:45pm Shayna Dulberger – bass, Chris Welcome – guitar, Ras Moshe – reeds, Paul Marion and Dave Robinson – reading
3:30pm LMNo: Lucio Megenon – guitar, Steve Norton – reeds
4:15pm Sunshine Soldier: Dustin Carlson – guitar, Brad Henkel – trumpet, Dave Miller – drums 5:00pm a duo: Audrey Chen – voice, cello, Valerie Keuhne – voice, cello Alyshia Lien – live art
6:00pm Potluck Dinner
8:00pm Bonnie Kane – reeds, Marc Bisson – guitar, Lou Cohen – laptop, Joshua Jefferson – reeds
8:30pm Audrey Chen – cello, Dave Miller – drums, Steve Norton – reeds, Dave Seidel – electronics
9:00pm Dustin Carlson – guitar, Emilie Mouchous – electronics, Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin, Crank Sturgeon – himself
9:30pm Sean Ali – double bass, Chris Welcome – guitar, Lou Bunk – ???, Id m Theftable – himself
10:00pm Brad Henkel – trumpet, Al Margolis – laptop, Jed Speare – laptop, Mickey O’Hara – ???
10:30pm Valerie Keuhne – cello, Andrew Neumann – laptop, electronics, [open slot], [open slot]
11:00pm Tom Hamilton – electronics, [open slot], Erik Brown – electronics, Karen Langlie – cello 11:30pm Elwood Epps – trumpet, Ras Moshe – reeds, Kit Demos – double bass, electronics, Forbes Graham – trumpet, electronics
12:00am Shayna Dulberger – double bass, Lucio Menegon – guitar, Luther Gray – drums, Angela Sawyer – suitcase of acoustic delights
12:30am Dave Grollman – snare drum, [open slot], Kristen Elisabeth – bass, Kevin Frenette – guitar
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Aisha Cruse,Teresa Czepiel, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, and Betty Wang – movement
Katherine Liberovskaya, HEXbeam and Greg Kowalski – video

The final day of the festival begins with brunch. The afternoon features bands.

12:00noon Brunch
2:00pm a trio: Emilie Mouchous – electronics, Crank Sturgeon and Id m Theftable – themselves
2:30pm a solo: Audrey Chen – cello
3:00pm Ouroborus: Bill Bacon – drums, percussion, Dave Seidel – electronics, Greg Kowalski – live video
3:30pm One-Armed Mist: Arkm Foam – cassettes, Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar, electronics, Michael F Dailey Jr – drums, Walter Wright – electronics, drums
4:00pm Grau Garten: Marc Bisson – guitar, Greg Kowalski – video, Steve Norton – reeds, percussion, Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin
4:30pm Guerrilla Toss: Andy Allen – sax, Simon Hanes – bass, Ian Kovac – synth, Peter Negroponte – drums, Arian Shaflee – guitar
5:15pm Nenekata: Stephanie Lak – vocals, electronics; Eric Stewart – guitar; Olivia Close – bass, drums; Anthony Richardz – drums, bass; Ghandi – drums; Walter Wright – electronics, drums