Geno’s Rock Circus Movie Premiere w/ Dementia 5 & Johnny Cremains

Geno’s Rock Club, Portland ME

About a year ago, a friend booked Birdorgan at Geno’s, the rock club in downtown Portland that had a former heyday as a strip joint/blue theatre. A tattooed madwoman approached us after, and invited us to run away and join her circus for a night. So we returned a colder evening, crammed our bit to fit the filming schedule, and sat back and watched the performers and other players. And we wondered at our casting.

Apparently we made the cut – the editing is done, the sound is mixed, the sequins are shined, and Birdorgan made the press release, rather close to the phrase “best music in New England.” Kudos for alphabetization.

The film showcases the Smoke & Mirror Circus, and paces the action with performances by Birdorgan, Hessian, Johnny Cremains, Sunrunner, Dementia Five and the farewell set of By Blood Alone. I hope the benefit of stage lighting, audio mixing, and photography will support the favorable comparison to Diamanda Galas that I received from one of the carneys.