Flopera House Awards Ceremony

Plus, I never play too long.

Flopera House, Congress St., Boston MA
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The building which houses the Flopera, formerly the Floft, is going to the great fail in city planning and getting torn down so pedestrians can find more convenient coffee. Thus, the final shebang is “the grandest of all traditions – a competitive talent & awards show judged by a celebrity panel of [our] peers.

From the Fleisenberg teaser copy:

1. What in the hell is the flopera awards show?
This show is for real. There will be 2 rounds of performances. The initial round will be short format, with pieces running 2 – 3 minutes. The judges will determine who they want to hear more from in a second round of 4 – 5 performances. Awards will be given out, and trust me when I say, everybody is a wiener.

2. Really?
Did I mention that this show is for real? Because it is. Really.

3. Meet your players
Andrea Pensado
Andrew Neumann
David Kontak
Eric Dahlman
Howard Martin/ Michael Rosenstein/ Morgan Evans-Weiler
id m theftable
Jules Vasylenko
Junko Simons / Keiichi Hashimoto
Marc Bisson/ Dei Xhrist/ Dave Bacon
Matt Murphy
One Armed Mist – Walter Wright/ akrm/ Stephanie Lak
Ronald Meister/ Sam Wheeler
Steve Norton

4. Meet your judges
Gordon Marshall – poet laureate of the boston improv scene
Angela Sawyer – if it ain’t weird she don’t give a fluck
flandrew fleisenberg – long time listener, first time caller and your dear friend

5. Judgement Day
The specially trained judges will be evaluating the works within the CPECAH scale:
Extended Technique
Attention to detail

6. What’s the deal with the awards
The word ‘WOW’ gets thrown around time and again and sometimes undeservedly so. But these awards, ohh these awards, are something something something…

7. Special performances
Throughout the evening we will be treated to extra special performances from:
VJ HEXbeam!
and a special 8-track dj set from dj jburgio

8. Why is this night different than any other night?
Oh so many nights I buy all the beer, the late night delivery food and then clean up after all of y’all. not anymore baby – that’s right, my cup fillith over tonight. libations, temptations, and etc snacks are all on you. fill’er up buttercup, please act responsibly and over indulge this evening. and then when it’s over, we can all clean up the mess together.

Flickr shots by Matt Samolis
. Too bad he didn’t grab a shot of the unintended destruction of the communications panel.


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