The OBE Show

Milly’s Tavern, 500 Commercial Street, Manchester NH

After the fiasco of playing at Grand last year, it is now birdorgan policy to not play at any gig if the person booking us has never seen us. In this case, Paul and Carolina have indeed seen us and lived to book us at a brewpub that would normally not let the likes of us onstage, let alone tell anyone that we’re coming. Is the pub crowd ready? Are we ready? Are we getting free drinks?
The OBE Show (Out of Body Experience) is an art and music afternoon that is open to all ages. As the birdorgan policy is a one way deal, I’ve never been to one of these events, and the only time’ I’ve been to Milly’s was during the 2008 Kucinich election watch. Not that I helped with the campaign – Vermin Supreme was running on the Republican ticket that year, and you couldn’t get near the Rodham-Clinton or Obama parties.

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