With a Little Help from Our Friends

Get your creep out on

Atlantic Works, 80 Border St., 3rd Floor, East Boston MA

Mitchel Ahern, with whom I’ve had the pleasure or performing with in FastA-FastA, and Perky Pat Layouts, and who previously played with Marc Bisson in the Bop Ants, invited Marc and I to participate in the 2012 friends-of-people-who-are-part-of-Atlantic-Works show.

You will NEVER KNOW what’s inside

I submitted Pelt with a new base. The original wood base is beyond my meager woodworking skills, so I replaced it with a rusting christmas tree holder. The textures are too nice to repaint, so this is now open to interpretation as a holiday piece. During the packed opening, gallery members introduced their friends’ works and described the ouvre or the friendship, sometimes both. We saw old friends and Doug Urbank and Jennifer Moses. Marc promptly spilt his wine cup all over the base, and I later slashed myself trying to open another bottle with a jackknife. We then went out to a late night taqueria with some new friends, one of whom lost the drinking contest. Not that there was one.

The original piece I started for this show is my first wall wart/direct transformer box, powering an LED and a muffin fan. It did not make me happy. I also finished a small box with a picture frame oculus and a glass tile light source. A friend described it as my “most exasperating yet.” It continues on the themes of action and information delivered just outside of the visual plane, and banal environments with dreadful threats. This second piece was in the 2012 member’s show at 119 Gallery.

Other artists in this show: Mitchel Ahern, Alecia Augsburg, Justin Augspurg, Lola Baltzell, Audrina Bell Warren, Donald Rex Bishop, Stephanie Bradley, Jodi Colella, Rick Dorff, Sonia Domkorova, Veronica Domkarova, Danielle Donigan, Erica Famino, Kristen Freitas, Amanda Gallagher, Leah Grimaldi, Lee Hall, Dell M. Hamilton, Keith Harris, Lars Hoeg, Shelah Horvitz, Marjorie Keye, Max Kuzmin, L.J Lanfranchi, Charlene Liska, Samantha Marder, Martha McCollough, Sarah Meyers Brent, Jennifer Moses, Trena Noval, Maj. Britt Pederson, Bo Petran, Peter Pizzi, Joan Ryan, Michael St Germain, Anna Salmaron, Carmen Sasso, George Shaw, Kelly Slater, Diane Teubner, Vanessa Thompson, Sam and Laura Torres, and Adrienne Wetmore.

Marc Bisson – DeVilbiss Number 9

Full circle wise, Marc’s piece was assembled in a box lid found on Mitchel’s wife Sarah’s family farm in Vermont. The doll body was found in our backyard when we first started weeding out there, and the lamp finials were salvaged from an empty house next to my uncle’s old place on the Canadian border.