Firework Pants :: A Mighty Blow-Out Fest

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA
8:00am – Flea Market (outside)
12:00pm – Triple Grill BBQ (alley way)Performances (mostly inside) – $3-5 donation
5:00pm – Jasper Som, solo guitar, vocals
5:45pm – birdorgan, post DADA, postmodern, postage due performance art running amok.
6:30pm – Disembodied Poetics, bigband poetry, last show evveerr !!!
7:15pm – Aber Taber, multi-instrumentalist, one-man band hootenanny
8:00pm – bodydrama, butoh inspired movement with sound reinforcement!
8:45pm – O-AM [One-Armed Mist], iconoclastic plastic inedible, last show evvaahh ???
p:30pm – Rabbit Rabbit, German pop / Surf / Zouk ???
10:15pm – Id m Theft Able, “so funky he makes you cranky.”
11:00pm – Home Body, Haley & Eric enjoy fireworks, lightning, and pom-poms.
The chance to buy things that don’t even meet the standards of HOGO. Will we leave with more than what we arrived? Again? Come for the used books, stay for the Home Body.