That Was Then, This Is Now

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell MA

Reception: Saturday July 21 3-6pm

The eighth annual members’ exhibit asked us to review the changes in art process, thought, and execution. When Mary Ann asked me what my schtick was, I explained that I used to avoid sex and sexuality, making my characters and images sexless hermaphrodites. I eventually realized that I was overreacting for a few fools, and that blue humor is actually really fun and enjoyable. I’m still overcompensating for lost time.

New voyeur boxes for this show are Harlequin: Now in Paperback (depicting a possible crime scene, or at least a damaged carpet) and Gloria Cubana, an open cigar box featuring a clay figure with a boob for a head.

Other works in the show: Marc Bisson, Ashley Cantrell, Aisling Colleary, Donna Dodson, Alexander Giavis, Charles Githrie, Iris Goldfarb, Duy Hoang, Jerry Holmes, Dian Hosmer, Jim Jeffers, Greg Kowalski, Lieby Miedema, Andy Moerlein, Noredin Morgan, Jeremy Nash, Dan Rocha, Bradford Risick, Eileen Ryan, Margot Stage, Frank Tadley, Emile Tobenfeld (Dr. T), Denise Warren, Dan Younger, Lineu Zaderski