Strange Maine has air conditioning now, and it will be on if it’s hot 07/28/12

Strange Maine, 578 Congress Street, Portland ME
Saturday July 28th 2012

Peter J. Woods = (Milwaukee noise, voice, electronics….)
Lucky Bone – (?????????????????????????)
Grau Garten (Steve Norton, Marc Bisson, dei xhrist) = (NH/MASS birdorgan/duck that affiliate)
Computer At Sea = (Galen, bender, mender, I guess sort of a wizard?)

From the keyboard of Skt: Ah, ah, AHHH! Okay, so, as usual Summer is WHIPPING by too bloody fast, at a truly alarming rate, I daresay. So I’m trying to slow down a bit, hold these moments in my mouth for a nice, long, slow dissolve to relish the sweetness. Or stickiness. One such moment, or series of moments, that hold the potential for said dissolve(s) involve THIS UPCOMING SATURDAY NIGHTS CONCERT featuring the likes of Computer at Sea, you know, Galen Richmond, Burgertime master, with his holy armada of electronics that do wonderful (and perhaps naughty) things that they weren’t intended to do. Peter J Woods did a fabulous set at the shop back in 08 (or was it 10? definitely not 09) involving some truly impressive animal growls (not being figurative here) and some lush electronics (warning, my “lush” may not be your “lush”, but isn’t that always the way), he’ll be making his way all the way from Milwaukee for this adventure along with Lucky Bone, whom I know little about, but I believe is also a ‘sconsinite. Grau Garten were last seen (by me) doing a fabulously spooky set at X-fest involving some patient, dense electronics, a celeste (really, if nothing else come to envy Steve’s celeste) , and a whole lot of patience (the good kind). This is my write up, it’s kind of lame, but I refuse to edit it::::::::: may it inspire you to COME TO THE SHOW.

Actually, I had to sit this one out to stay home and administrate medicine to Thelonious mutt. Who knew that dogs could be allergic to hazelnuts.