Woodstock IV

4th Annual ‘Whitehaus’ ‘Weirdstock’ and 4th ever ‘WOODSTOCK’! …(’69, ’94, ’99, ’12!)

Boston Common, Boston MA
Saturday 10AM August 18 – Sunday August 19All Acoustic and battery operated 


Witehause Family Record sez:

THERE WILL BE MANY NON-STAGES, MAPS TO FIND PERFORMERS, SCHEDULES, LISTS OF ACTS, IF YOU WANNA PLAY GET IN TOUCH. FLOCKUPY TO WOODSTOCK FOUR NOW! All proceeds from ticket sales of $0 will benefit “No Money” Mike Connolly’s run for state rep in Somerville! — for more info on his campaign visit http://www.nomoneyconnolly.org

The 14 minute set at 7PM at the founders monument had Marc on a First Act acoustic, contact mic, and Honeytone; Mike F on a floor tom and scuffing about on some cymbals, and Mike F with one of those cardboard tubes with a spring sticking, and I waved a length of PVC tubing with The World’s Loudest Sheet of Plastic taped to it like a nihilistic flag. We then wobble-wobbled some plastic sheets which shattered out a billion pieces of transparent shards.

In the audience were a couple of French working on a documentary about music, art, and the joy artists derive from their work.  We did a circular interview with the filmographer while the cameraman struggled with her fading power supply.

Scheduled acts (cancellations and reschedules not accounted for):

😐 kREW (MN/ME/NY/MA) – {sat nite}
27 Prophets (CT) – {sun}
Abortus Fever
Abram Taber – {daylite}
A. Campbell Payne
ACLU Benefit
Adrian Sympson
Adventures of Boxhead
Alien Moon Partnership
Andrea Pensado
Andrew Mello
Anthro Rex – {sunday morning}
Anus Morrisette
Arkm Foam
Arvid Noe
Banjo Assault
Beau Alessi (NY) {sunday}
Becoming Animals
Baylies Band
Beloved Wife and Psycho – {some daylite}
Ben Hersey
birdorgan – {saturday}
Black Wampum – {sat, + h&p}
Blue Dress
Brad Henkel (NY)
B Law
Brendan Lawlor
Bright Red Reason
Brook Pridemore (NY)
Buckminster (NY)
Camp Hope
Cancer Killing Gemini
Casey Rocheteau
Cauzamos and The Family Band
Cave Bears (ME)
Charlotte Huffman – {sunday}
Chris Crettela (CT)
Chris Kazarian
Chris North
Chris Wilson
Christopher Strunk
Cinder Track
Codeine Schoolboy
Con Tex
Cotton Candy
Crank Sturgeon (ME)
Crashing Cars
The Craters
Crowley Ladin
Cuddle Formation – {around lil spoon}
Daniel Harris – {sun afternoon}
Dann Lawrence
Dark Beach (ex-Manners) (ME)
Dark Rodeo
Dawn Fauna – {sunday}
Deth West
The Diamond Mines
The DIfference Engine
Dois Apsaras (Melissa Huser and Pampi) – {sat}
Dom LaColla
Eddy Luis Martinez IV
Eggs, Eggs
Elijah Wyman
Empty Phrases – {near g toss/bludress/zookpprs}
Erich Haygun
The Eskalators (NY)
Ethan T. Parcel
Fifth Nation – {sat 1pm w/ Little War Twins}
Filthiest Nation (NY)
Fixtures – {sunday afternoon}
Forbes Graham
Forest Wizard
Friendship Ceremonies
The Full Moon
Gang Clan Mafia – {sun after 5}
Ghost in Salad
Glenn Furman
Gmackrr (QC)
Goodman Brown
Gordon Marshall
Gracious Calamity – {Sunday}
The Great Valley (VT)
Greg Mullen and The Cosmic American Band (TX)
Guerilla Toss
Gypsy Joint
Happy Jawbone Family Band – {sat eve, not too late}
Happy Lives – {saturday}
Harry and The Potters – {saturday 30min}
Hello Shark
Hot Tub Panorama
Howdy, Cindy (PA)
Hunnie Bunnies
Hurricanes of Love (USA)
Hyena – {saturday}
Hypnic Jerk – {sunday}
i dm theft able
Inspector 34
International Flute Army
In tub tune pump tropicamide in tastebreaker tribute pose
Jacob Mashak
Jack & Yoda (GA)
James Irwin (QC)
Jared Paul (RI)
Jason Belcher
Jeff Balter
Jeff Young (NY)
Jeremy Quick Trio
Jesse and The Hogg Brothers
Jesse Kaminsky
Joaquin Goldstein (PERU!)
Joey Molinaro (NY) – {sat}
Josh Burkett
Junko Fujiwara
Kal Marks
Kendy Gable (NY) – {sun eve}
KC Solaris
Knight Howls
Lady Pilot
Landis Zehrung (PA) – {sat}
Lemon Kid (NY)
Leonard Cokhen – {5hr set! opposite day as ryan krause}
Libras of Sound
The Lilt – {nxt 2 western education}
Limbs Bin
Lite Mayo Band
Little Emperor – {sat}
Little Spoon – {sat}
Little War Twins – {sat 1pm w/ fifth nation}
Liv Carrow
Liz Roncka
Low Charge
Lowman – {sat 2pm}
Lung Pit
Make It Up
Manaia (Jen Strickland)
Many Mansions (NY)
Matt Alvis
Matt Ress
Meaner Pencil (NE)
Metal Tiger
Mia Friedman – {saturday}
Michael Bloom
Michael Collins (FL)
Michael Richarde
Michael Rosenstein
Middle Kingdom
Mixed Feelings
Moonbeam Fellowship
Morgan Evans-Weiler
Most Bitter
Motel Mattress
Mr. Transylvania
N JETTY M w/ Brooke Herr and Weston Minissali (NY) – {sat}
Nathan Ventura
The Needy Visions – {sunday nite}
(New England) Patriots
Nick Janowicz
The Nimbleines
No Mayo (PA)
Not Art
nue collective
Obsidian Helix
Of The Sun
Olde Men on Acid
Olden Yolk – {sunday}
Omnivore (RI)
One Armed Mist
Orion Russell
The Over Easies – {after 6 sat}
Pancho the Kidd – {sunday}
Paul Lew from CaptainSolo’s JazzPunkTrio
Peaceman and the Firedancers
Peace, Loving
Pelvis McGillicuddy
Plake (MD)
Planets Around the Sun (USA)
Preggy Peggy and The Lazy Babymakers
Prehistoric Horse (NY)
Quilt – {sunday}
Rainbow Road – {saturday}
Ray Brown (NY) – {Sunday}
Rayvon Browne (NY) – {sunday}
Retribution Body
Rick Berlin
Rythmic Cypher (ME) – {sat early eve, 30min}
Ronnie Nordac
Rusty Things (CT)
Ryan Krause
Sam Gas Can
Sam Sowyrda (NY)
Samuel Holland – {befor2sat or after5sun}
Sara June
School For Robots – {sat early}
Shane Hall
Sister Mary (RI)
Sisters of The Moon
Skinny Vinny
Slim & Silver
Soft White Three Way
Something About Horses
Speaker For The Dead
Spelt Melk
Spiceraq Group
Streight Angular
Steve Arceri (TX)
Steve Norton
Sweatshop – {sunday}
Taylor Richardson (NY)
Teaadora Nikolova (IL)
Tendrills (MD) – {same day as plake}
Thadd Comstock – {early}
The Rupert Selection – {Saturday}
Time Solo
Tony Gwynn Stefani
Tounge Oven
Tuck Son (PA) – {sat w/ landis}
Turtlecat Symphony
Uncle Tone
Underwater Bear Ballet
Uniami as Ether 5 Star Dome
Vic Rawlings – {4hr set!}
Vegans – {later sunday}
Vehement Caress
Walter Wright
We Love You
Western Education – {sat 7-8pm}
The Wicked
witch wolf
Xiphoid Dementia
Yesterday’s Jam (ON)
Yop 40
Zach Phillips – {same day as happy jawbone}
The Zookeepers

And here’s the Boston.com and the  Globe bits.