Labor Day at The Mansion

Chailey Mansion
Newburyport MA

Prepare the grey poupon, garcon, it is to the mansion we must retire.

Id M Theft Able – croquette beard and hula hoop
BiRdOrGaN – prog rock, flying drums
Grau Garten – grog rock, phone sex
Dave Seidel – bear bells, bumblebee drones
One-Armed Mist – alien landscaping
Flandrew Fleisenberg – beat downs in the gaze-bo with chromatic amazements by Greg Kowalski

The players took advantage of the grounds and performed in the gazebo, on the front lawn, and in the ballroom, with frequent visits to the kitchen for even more food and some delightful sangria. Did you know that washing dishes wakes you up? The next morning, we went to the beach and exposed our pallid flesh to the sand and sky.