Torrent Engine 18 Gala

Gina Manning Photography

My dearest of friends, Rev. E. Stephen Fredericks of the Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project, and his lady friend Katrina Galore, a lady, have recently entered the world of pain that is property ownership. As such, they necessitated their first fundraiser towards the rehabilitation of Torrent Engine 18 in Dorchester MA. Donors were rewarded with a tentacled, breastacled gala in the nearby Unitarian church with celebrity guests known even outside our circles. The event gave me opportunity to tap in to my idea files and build a hat using materials lying around the house. It is merely my fortune that wigs, acrylic medium, plaster impregnated gauze, and corn starch are the kinds of things that lie about the House of Goings-On. There was no performance around this piece, as its goal was to merely to set the tone of the evening. One could propose the Roman god Janus or a multifaced Hindu deity, or disturbing dreams of authoritative females with more than one set of eyes in the back of the head.

Gina Manning‘s photographs of me and some of the lovely lady flesh for the Boston Phoenix got Torrent Engine a nice bit of press. Goal accomplished. Chris McIntosh finally got a shot he was happy with – while the lighting where I lurked was flattering to the individual, not so much for the photographer.

Chris McIntosh Photography