XFest 2013

The region’s biggest and most challenging showcase of local talent, X-Fest draws on the network of musicians who have graced 119 Gallery. They are thrown willy-nilly in to impromptu trios and quartets, preferably in first time combinations, to challenge their ability to improvise and adapt. This is on top of whatever equipment and wardrobe failures that are inherent at any festival. While the event is free (this year, the gallery received a grant to help things along), some performers travel from several states away to couch surf and sell/trade their wares, and food is donated by local performers and friends. Help out by being here, opening your ears, and throwing some money around.
Cancellations and swaps are not listed here.


119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell MA

  • 8:00pm Lou Cohen – laptop, Abdul Hamid Sherzai – electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Matt Weston – drums
  • 8:30pm Mark Johnson – electronics; Dirk Adams – voice, electronics; Chester Hawkins – electronics; Dave Grollman – snare drum
  • 9:00pm Mike Funaiole – analog synth; Forbes Graham – trumpet; Nikola Ragusa – flute; Dave Scanlon – guitar; Luther Gray- drums
  • 9:30pm Jill Burton – voice; Co – laptop; Andy Allen – sax; Tom Hall – sax; Mitch Ahern – homebrew instruments
  • 10:00pm Joey Molinaro – violin; Ras Moshe – sax, flute; Kevin Frenette – guitar; Ryan Baker – toys; Evan Lipson – upright bass
  • 10:30pm Dustin Carlson – guitar; James Ham – synthesizer; Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Jane Boxall-Allen – drums
  • 11:00pm Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Emilie Mouchous – electronics; Olivia Close – bass; fleisenberg – drums
  • 11:30pm Tom Hamilton – electronics; Erik Brown – electronics; Marc Bisson – guitar; Rick Breault – laptop; Bob Hubbard – drums
  • 12:00am Bonnie Kane – sax, flute; Jesse Collins – trumpet; Lou Bunk – styrofoamophone; Valerie Kuehne – cello; Michael F Dailey Jr – drums
  • 12:30am ARKM Foam – himself; Amelie Brodeur – flute; Jimmy Hughes – analog synth; Joe Brown – bass; Dave Miller – drums

Movement by Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio and Andrew Duncan. Live video projection by Katherine Liberovskya, Gregory Kowalski and Emile Tobenfeld. Between sets DJs DA and Robo Rob.


UnchARTed, 66 Merrimack St., Lowell MA: noon to 5pm

  • 12:00pm Brunch, provided with help from The Sock Hop.
  • 1:30pm Fluxus Performance: Id m Theftable, Crank Sturgeon
  • 2:00pm Local Poets: Mira Allen, Peter Eliopolis, Michael Hoerman, and Dave Robinson with Rick Breault – laptop; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – drums + Joe Burgio, Paul Kafka-Gibbons and Gordon Marshall with Joshua Jefferson – saxes; fleisenberg – drums
  • 3:00pm Visiting Poets: Steve Dalichinsky with Ras Moshe – flute, sax; Dustin Carlson – guitar; Evan Lipson- upright bass; Bob Hubbard – drums + Yuko Otomo with Shayna Dulberger – upright bass
  • 4:00pm Apocalypso: Joe Burgio – movement; Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – electronics
  • 4:30pm Jack Wright Group: Jack Wright – sax; Ron Stabinsky – piano; Ben Wright – upright bass; Johnny McLellan – drums

119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell MA

  • 6:00pm Doors open at 119 Gallery
  • 8:00pm Emilie Mouchous – electronics; Jed Speare – laptop; Ellen Band – laptop; Dave Miller – drums
  • 8:30pm Co – laptop; Kate Lee – guitar; Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Setheyny Loueb-Pen – drums
  • 9:00pm Jill Burton – voice; Andrew Neumann – laptop; Keiichi Hashimoto – trumpet; Steve Norton – reeds; Dave Grollman – snare drum
  • 9:30pm Chester Hawkins – electronics; open slot; Andrea Pensado – laptop; Peter Negroponte – drums
  • 10:00pm Bonnie Kane – sax, flute; Angela Sawyer – voice, objects; Dave Seidel – electronics; Evan Lipson – upright bass; Matt Weston drums
  • 10:30pm Ras Moshe – sax, flute; Nikola Ragusa – flute; Matt Samolis – flute; Abram Taber – bass; open slot
  • 11:00pm Valerie Kuehne – voice, cello; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Dei Xhrist – voice electronics; Crank Sturgeon – himself; Heather Noeker – whatever is appropriate
  • 11:30pm Todd Brunel – clarinet; Joshua Jefferson – saxes; Dustin Carlson – guitar; Christos Koulendos – electronics; Jeffu Warmouth – drums
  • 12:00am Amelie Brodeur – flute; Junko Fujiwara – cello; Joey Molinaro – violin; Jingjing Zhou – piano; Zach Root – bass guitar; Anthony Richards – drums
  • 12:30am Id m Theftable – himself; Dave Scanlon – guitar; Chris Welcome – guitar; Eric Stewart – guitar; Bob Hubbard – drums

Movement by Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio and Paul Kafka-Gibbons. Live video projection by Katherine Liberovskya, HEXbeam and Gregory Kowalski. Between sets DJs DA and Robo Rob.


LTC (Lowell Telecommunications Corp), 246 Market St, Lowell MA

Our extended family of New England noise makers.

  • 12:00pm Brunch
  • 2:00pm BiRdOrGaN: Marc Bisson – guitar; dei xhrist – vocals, electronics; Mike Funaiole – analog synth; Gregory Kowalski – live video; Michael F Dailey Jr – drums (oo look, a viddy care of Studio @!)

X Fest Day 3 – Birdorgan at LTC