Crave: command performance

2013-09-07 crave

119 Gallery, 7 PM – Lowell, MA

$10 donation

This second performance will be preceded by a feast prepared by chef Y Sok.

Greg Kowalski will present a longer fragment of “Crave” – a play written in 1998 by the late English playwright Sarah Kane. Approximately one half of the play will be performed as this is still a work in progress. “Crave” is a quartet of voices “that pour out their souls in a torrent of emotions, ideas, memories and desires.” It is a poem, a deliberate experiment with form, language, rhythm and music. In the words of Sarah Kane: “I wanted to find out how good a poet I could be while still writing something dramatic.”

The sound design is by Dave Seidel who will perform live during the play. Dei Xhrist and Susan Peperman graciously contributed their voices.

(I will also be performing as a reflecting surface).