Containerman Music Expo

Contemporary Arts International

Acton, MA 

Original compositions utilizing 14 mechanical musical instruments, a 40 foot shipping container, and a futzy electronic sound system =  Containerman, a monumental kinetic sound sculpture created by Yin Peet and Viktor Lois. The musicians/composers were selected by Walter Wright, founder and director of 119 Gallery.

A unique weekend : 1. I was the only person to utilize the “Arm” structure. 2. I was not the one who got hurt (Geoff is fine). 3. My voice was miked louder than the other instrumentation (thank you Marc Bisson, Ryan Baker, and Lee Martin for performing my piece, and Walter for giving me an 11 on the mixer.)

I composed a fairly traditional blues song. The thought process was, since Containerman/Viktor’s instruments were created to play Hungarian folk music, I applied a theory of American folk music. Internalized rhythm, limited note instrumentation, and lyrics grappling personal crisis, delivered with the most primitive of sound sources – voice. My acein the hole was Marc – Mr. If It Is Stringed, I Will Master It, who figured out how to fake a John Lee Hooker riff out of a rotating one trick pony.

There was also the pure treat of participating in the winning compositions of Andrea Pensado and Ryan Baker.