Nude Ears Eve 2013

119 Gallery

Wei Zhongle: [Carbondale IL]
Rob Jacobs – guitar, vocals
John McCowen – clarinet
Sam Klickner – drums

Gnarwhal: [Nashville TN]
Chappy Hull – guitars, vocals
Tyler Coburn – drums, sometimes vocals

Woozy: [New Orleans LA]
Kara Stafford
John St. Cyr
Ian Paine-Jesam

Johnathan Cash – solo noise [Austin TX]

Alex Nowacki – solo noise [Dubuque IA]

I.C.P.C.P. – solo noise [San Francisco CA]

Joseph Mygan and Patrick Chaney – video noise mash-up nightmares

mysterybear / Koulendros Duo: [Peterborough NH, Lowell MA]
Dave Seidel and Christos Koulendros – drones, electronics

Marc Bisson [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
with Bird’organ donor Stephanie Lak, others TBD

The Ryan Baker Instigation: [various locations]
Ryan Baker – toys, maybe puppets
Olivia Close – bass, drums
Austin Condee – trombone
Kevin Dacey – who knows (Kevin maybe)
Jen Gelineau – violin
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
more TBA

Lak / Wright Duo: [San Francisco CA, Lowell]
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics, object, video
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Andrea Pensado – vocals, laptop [Salem MA]

HEXbeam projects live video prophecies from Alcion all years long.

Produced by 119 Gallery.