The Meltdown

The Blue Shamrock, 105 Market St., Lowell



Let’s have a bunch of festivals starting in Spring! This one had:

The Party Band

The Big Sway

Jeff Galindo 3

The Wolverine Jazz Band

Root Juice

The Merrimack Delta Dub Set

DJ Dan Adam

The J Connection

Birdorgan (dei xhrist, Marc Bisson, Mike Dailey Jr, Mike Fun, and Bucky Waters)

Warped Forest

C DUB Trois

The Hallways


President Soup

Chill City Icon


Froggy & The Friendship

Wildcat Slim vs. The Law

Spooky Future

Johnny Fireseed & The Junkyard Dogs

The Daily Post

Catharsis Quartet

Aww it was crazy with beer on tha floah.