Frantasia 2014

Frantasia Festival 11

August 21, 22, 23 (Thur, Fri, Sat) in Livermore Falls, ME
Fitness Stylz, 17 Depot Street, basement (in the rear)


The largest out music festival in the state of Maine and I mean that’s really saying something. An irregular lineup of Birdorgan and other distillates performing and lounging in the cool air of Fran’s stomping grounds!

At one point, Marc lay down in the back of the van to take a nap, asking to be woken up in time to set up for the Birdorgan set. He woke up to Mike D backing the van up to the venue loading door, Mike saying “shh, you’re fine.” And then, “OK we’re on here’s a guitar.” Mike F and Mike D had set up the gear and told the assembled friends and audience that they were going to wake Marc up and immediately shove him on stage without any warning. Not sure how he was going to take it.

And then, they rocked. And Marc kept going.

‘Til at least 2AM.

2014-08-23   2014-08-23b