2/12  Longy School of Music, Edward M. Pickman Hall, 27 Garden St, Cambridge, MA @ 8pm: Cassino Art Ensemble (Dei Xhrist, voice, Todd Brunel, clarinets, Glynis Lomon, cello, Peter Cassino, piano); Jesse Mills, violin; Wayman Chin, piano

2/26 – 28  X Fest, City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA @7pm – late: challenge ensembles

3/25 UnchARTed Gallery@ 8pm: Dei Xhrist (voice) and Junko Fujiwara (cello), Muyassar Kurdi, Cawley dob dye Trio (I can’t read my own handwriting)

3/29 Kimball Jenkins School, 166 North Main St., Concord NH @ 7pm: Demi Exegesis (Dei Xhrist, Matt Samolis, Emilio Gonzalez), Muyassar KurdiDave KontakWalter Wright with Al Margolis

4/16  Clarendon Hill, 155 Powder House Boulevard, Somerville MA @ 8pm: Demi Exegesis (Dei Xhrist, Matt Samolis, Emilio Gonzalez), SWD


In development… tour in April with Bonnie Kane of Big Plastic Finger/Bryan Wilson Experience/Fire Maidens of Outer Space/I’m With Joo Won

There are some upcoming projects, as well. Like this here.