Third Life Studio

Third life 06-06-15Improvisational Music

33 Union Square, Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 6, 8pm

$10 at the door

 Variable Density Sound Trio:  Garrison Fewell (guitar, prepared guitar), Glynis Loman (cello, aquasonic), Steve Norton (saxophones)

BC: Todd Brunel (clarinets), Peter Cassino (piano)

Tyto AlbaMatt Samolis (flute), Thadd Comstock (microtonal guitar), Ryan McGuire (bass), Emilio Gonzalez (same piano), and Dei Xhrist (voice)


RIP, Garrison. Glad I got to hear you. I feel like a jerk for making Variable Density Trio the small text on the poster, but they were a late addition to the bill. Shoe books ’em, I just posters ’em.