Hotel Vernon

16 Kelley Sq., Worcester MA

12-20-15Re-scheduled from October that was going to be at Sprinkler Works but wasn’t because: solidarity!

Featuring Birdorgan, Walter Wright with Christos Koulendros, Angels Breath, Abdul Sherzai, Ceremonial Abyss, and Lean. Org’d by Abdul.

2015-12-12 b

The bar at Hotel Vernon is amazing in and of itself: modeled in the 30s with a seafarin’ motif, the back room is tricked out to look like the inside of a boat. The bathrooms are… remarkable (ladies, use the back stall if you can fit), and the stage is the second smallest I’ve been on. Angie Bruce, Michael Dailey Jr., Marc Bisson and I all crammed on amidst a piano (boss!), a ship’s wheel, and a minimalist diving helmet light. At some point, the snare fell  on me, and at a later point Mike and I rolled around on the wet floor with cymbals. There was no heat other than  Marc’s blazin’ pickin’.