Hearing Room

Performance Lab

119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA, 7pm

Gestures: Elliot Cardinaux (poetry, piano)

Xhristishoe: Matt Samolis (flute), Dei Xhrist (voice)

Geoff Koetsch (video)

Egregoros: Christos Koulendros (saz, sampler), Walter Wright (amplified drums, percussion)

Bonnie Kane (flute)

About the performers

Eliot Cardinaux – Poet, musician and composer, Eliot has worked in the improvised music world for over 10 years. He works in Boston, New York, and Copenhagen, with musicians such as Mat Maneri, Thomas Morgan, Kresten Osgood, Eivind Opsvik, Asger Thomson, Jeppe Høi Justesen, Alec Harper, Aaron Edgcomb, and Flin van Hemmen. He is known among the younger musicians on the East Coast and in parts of Europe for his personal approach as an improviser, poet, and composer. He has served as poetry editor for the Boston Hassle, an online publication and community organization devoted to local music and the arts, and has been published in Caliban Online, Big Big Wednesday, Broken Tooth Press, and other publications. He is also the founder of The Bodily Press.

Geoff Koetsch – “My father was in the loan business, but his passion was woodworking. My mother was a primary school teacher with a passion for acting. I studied theater in the early 60’s. I was introduced me to the work of Merce Cunningham, then in his prime, and John Cage. Their impact on me was profound. After receiving a BA in theater I decided on a career in visual art. I moved to Boston where I took a teaching position at the Art Institute of Boston (now Lesley University College of Art and Design). I took a year off from teaching and moved to Paris, 1975-76, where I studied French at the Sorbonne and wrote an art column for the Paris Metro. I added photography to my list of skills, a step toward the interdisciplinary form my work would eventually take. My photographs were acquired by the Brooklyn Museum, Danforth Museum of Art, and the Boston Athenaeum. The 1980’s were a period of intense activity and my work synthesized several mediums: photography, performance art, copier art and artists books. The decade was also a one of intense spiritual activity as I moved from evangelical Christianity to Yoga and Zen Buddhism. My current work is Interdisciplinary (integrating sculpture, photography, performance and video) with a focus on personal narratives.

Bonnie Kane – Integrating saxophone, flute, feedback and electronics, electro acoustic pioneer and dedicated improvisor, Bonni, terms her work as avant-core: an extreme energy mix of pyschedelic rock, hard core, and avant garde jazz. She was influenced by an unusually early exposure to Sun Ra, studies with Sonny Simmons, Paul McCandless, Glenn Moore, Ralph Towner (Oregon), and Jon Raskin (Rova Saxophone Quartet). A stint in the original Club Foot Orchestra, whose members then included Snakefinger (The Residents) and Eric Drew Feldman (Capt Beefheart), introduced her to electronic processing for horns, and brief study at Mills College under Anthony Braxton solidified her direction. Her bands have been known for “scalp shearing shows”, “feats of bravery”, and for music that is “…the algebra of heart, brain, and soul.” A conductor of energy, her music is not for the timid.