Hawkins House Porchfest

14 Hawkins St., Somerville MA

12:30pm til whenevs

Dei Xhrist— vocal stylist mashing improvisation and noise

Id m Theft Able— performs within and without the realms of noise, avant-improvisation, sound poetry, performance, et c. et c. et c. using voice, found objects, electronics, and whatever else is available……He has given hundreds of performances across 4 continents in settings ranging from the scummiest of squats to the fanciest of festivals

Chill City Icon— Solo electronic, synth, radio project of Travis Hagan

Con Tex— SOund/WOrds

A. Campbell Payne–Orthogonal listening/dancing music

Fat Shuggy and the Disembowelment Choir–Time to get lit on fire for the disembowelment Choir! Demon Number Three is Travinator Yee, Demon Number Two is Lucifer Lou, and Demon Number one is The Master of Entrail Fun!

Beginners–Noisy guitar drone improv fuckups