The Cannery at South Peneboscot 08/12-13/17

The Cannery 3rd Annual 2Day Music Festival

207 Southern Bay Rd, Penobscot, Maine 04476

Saturday August 12, 6 pm, 8 pm and at 10 pm an open improv jam
Sunday August 13, 7 pm

The Cannery at Penobscot will host its 3rd Annual Two-Day Sound and Music Improv Festival featuring an eclectic line-up of artists from near and far on acoustic, electronic, found and constructed instruments along with video and dance.

On Saturday, two large ensembles will perform from which smaller groups will emerge starting at 6 pm and then at 8 pm. The evening will finish with an open-invitation Improvisation Jam at 10 pm.
On Sunday, performances will start at 7 and will be more intimate throughout; the groups will play graphic and structural scores submitted by participants.

Caitlin Cawley (percussion)
Anna Dembska (voice) 

 Michael Evans (percussion) 
Carolina Hengstenberg (saxophone)
Duane Ingalls (voice) 
Sophie Leetmaa (harp)
Tony Leva (bass)
Steve Norton (reeds)
Dani Robbins (dance)
Leslie Ross (bassoon)
Matt Somalis (flute)
James Winters (trombone/hurdy gurdy)
Dei Xhrist (voice) 
Support is provided by SPACE Gallery through The Kindling Fund.