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Pity the poor band photographer.


dei xhrist – vocalization and distortion

marc bisson – prepared and deconstructed guitar

mike dailey jr – drums and vocalization

mike fun – modular synthesizer

Ten seconds, and you can either find some reason to go outside and take up smoking or stay inside and get 20 minutes of condensed performance and music history. Birdorgan is a group of sound artists utilizing a great array of audio and visual components to create immersive, ambient, and cacophonic melees. The sound ranges from Kraut rock and psychedelia to garage beats and blues. Audience comments have ranged from “you’re really in tune with what your instruments are capable of”, “I don’t know where to look, there’s just so much stuff going on”, to “upended all my expectations and altered my consciousness.”

Shenanigans include costumes, unconventional sound sources, and outright silliness. We do what we find entertaining.

Birdorgan has shared its spotlight with audio and literal luminaries Greg Kowalski, Walter Wright, Steve Norton, bunq/Dave Bacon, Kit Demos, Bill Bacon, Dave Hatch, Ryan Baker, Angie Bruce, Heather Noecker, and Bucky Waters.

*Why only 20 minutes? Just enough to drag you in, beat you sonically senseless, and leave you shambling in another state of consciousness.