(/d kraɪst/) b. 1971, Torrance CA, USA

Dei Xhrist is a multidisciplinary artist using sound, performance, and sculpture.

She began performing music in 2006, spinning loops and lock grooves on multiple record players. Voice was initially added as a background element, supporting Theremin and less conventional sound sources to create audio cut-ups and soundscapes.  Xhrist’s voice, now her dominating instrument, has been favorably compared to Diamanda Galas. She uses glossolalia, vocal drones, jazz, lounge, and belle voce with a graceful stage presence that has been known to evolve in to a physical assault past the fourth wall.

Xhrist has performed at XFest (MA), Frantasia Festival of Out Music and Arts, Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, and International Society for Improvised Music. She has also performed in Machine5 Theatre Works at FringeNYC and PortFringe.

  • Distortions of perception, including dream logic,  gender, depression, and physical space
  • Language as a subordinate of meaning, sound, and context
  • Visual and cultural puns
  • Line illustrations
  • Papier-mâché
  • Collage
Groups of work