Way, way back before I had many commitments in the real world, I would spend every moment drawing. Poorly lit bars with weak beer (before I knew the graces of White Birch and Allagash), unstellar music shows, plane and bus trips, all that waiting I filled up with sketchbook activity. Now that the events I go to are filled with my own performances, and I’m where I want to be, I don’t have the inclination to write or illustrate comics. That may change, but for now these are relics of past endeavors. These even predate the revised spelling of my name.

alligator wife
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alligator shorts
Too bad photocopiers don’t love ballpoint pen as much as I do.
In Case I Haven't Already Told You
This illustration is based on a photo of a US Civil War prisoner whose feet had been amputated by his Confederate captors.