Member of Machine 5 Theatre Works, a small collection of experimenters using video, light and sound to present a different interpretation of intriguing works.

Play by Samuel Beckett

This production uses interactive technology devised by Greg Kowalski to trigger the play’s dialogue in the form of video projections: A performer aims a spotlight at mannequin heads protruding from three urns to make video images of the actors appear on a black screen. To accomplish this Kowalski placed photocells in the heads which were connected to software he created with Jitter via an Arduino board. The performer is thus like an orchestra conductor, making the voices sound at a rhythm of his choice. 230 individual video files, the number of lines in the play, are used in the piece.

Crave by Sarah Kane

Gregory Kowalski treats this script as a variation of a radio play in which the pre-recorded dialog is triggered by the movements and actions of performers. Using an interactive system he devised, two performers onstage not only trigger the voices, but also create abstract video projections in the process. In this manner they act as orchestra conductors, free to determine the rhythm of the piece, all to the live music of sound artist Dave Seidel. Winner of the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival Excellence Award for Directing.

Test video 1 (no sound) and 2 (sound)

Reviews: Theatermania,, NY Theatre Now

Festivals: FringeNYC 2014, PortFringe 2015